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time for auriculas

I went from not having any auriculas to having too many. They are spilling from the shelves on the left to the shelves on the right. All seem to have offshoots that could become new plants, see pics below. I'm no expert on auriculas but I did read online yesterday about removing offshoots. I'm going to be hard though and discard any plants that have flower colours I don't like so I'm awaiting them flowering before doing anything.

auricula bud

in the pic above and below you can just see the buds coming out

I think these stems on the left below are what's called offshoots.

auricula offshoots

This plant has even more.

auricula offshoots

even more muscari

the muscari, end of March


new cat in the neighbourhood

Focus on the pot above filled with self-seeders: in the middle a poppy, silver grey ???, bright green very puckered/textured plant top-half that looks similar to teasel but without any roughness and muscari, of course.

muscari in the sun


muscari looking better every day

I can't stop taking photos of the muscari which seem to be looking better every day. At least *something* is happening this morning as the solar eclipse was a non-event - thick cloud obliterating any solar activity.


I feel like I should know these upright self-seeders but right now I don't. Weeds or desirable plants? I don't know so far.

another plant I don't know (nigella at the bottom, hyacinth bulblets to the left and back)

Polly Pocket and the flowers by the front door

it was a lovely sunny day yesterday and Polly Pocket came outside with me while I was doing some gardening in the front garden

these are some of the bulbs in bloom in the back garden

I just love these tight buds at the top of the muscari flowers.

In the front garden this year the vinca is going mad with more space - space vacated by the bluebells I removed last spring, unfortunately the attractive purple flowers are sparse compared to the greenery.

I seem to have two types of vinca, the one above and the one below has smaller differently shaped darker flowers.

the rosemary continues to look fab, love those purple/blue flowers, I have re-potted it in a larger pot, when it fills this pot I will re-pot it again

when the garden indoors meets the garden outdoors

at this time of year there's some overlap with bulbs indoors and bulbs outdoors

The golden syrup tin on the right and the squirrel planter to the right of that have tete-a-tete daffodils and have been indoors since I planted them up last autumn, none of which are showing any buds whereas the pots to the left and in bloom and looking fabulous have been outside since being planted up with tete-a-tete daffodils last autumn.

Muscari in bloom having been outside since last autumn.


garden coming back to life

crocus surrounded by self-seeded poppy to the left, green alkanet to the right and vinca all around, after removing the invasive bluebells last year, it seems the environment was well-suited to the vinca going mad


the fresh lighter green leaves are new growth on the blackberries, the pink flower is a new bloom on the snapdragon

first crocuses outdoors

Socks and first hyacinths in bloom outdoors

cat Socks and purple hyacinths

This is the first time I've had flowers on a rosemary. I'm very impressed that it bloomed through the winter. I've seen quite sizeable shrubs at the garden centre last year with flowers which were a little expensive so I hope this will grow eventually to a similar size.

rosemary with flowers

close-up of more small early spring crocus in bloom

early spring crocus

all of those early spring crocus shown above

early spring crocus

this was the first crocus in the front garden in one of the pots shown above

yellow crocus

Unlike the shriveled shrunken hyacinth bulbs I've had in vases indoors for the past two months these outdoor bulbs are so ripe and fat. These are bulbs that I did not have vases for in September so I just popped them into whatever pots I had around.

hyacinths in a pot

one of the first crocuses outdoors in the back garden, probably another bulb that was surplus to requirements indoors

first crocus outdoors

auricula in bloom end of November

this warm weather is v confusing for plants


what is the point of holly with no berries?

My holly bush/tree, which was in the front garden when we moved in, has never had any berries on it. I guess it's the wrong gender. It just seems to be a support for the jasmine growing up it and over it. 

I think it's finally time to cut it back seriously, to the height of the fence behind it in this photo. I think we can be reluctant to change an existing garden when we take it over but after 10 years I have the confidence to do it! And those poor crocosima are desperate for more sun.

more autumn colour in the garden

surprise Morning Glory

After this new fence was installed, a seedling appeared on the bare ground. I've been following it to see what it turned into, initially I thought it might be Honesty but suddenly these flowers appeared today (Oct 20th). I planted Morning Glory seeds here a few years ago (Purple Flowers has a pic of them taken July 2010). Some have obviously been dormant in the soil since then. What a wonderful surprise at the end of October when plants are dying not blooming.

morning glory

cyclamen coum

I bought these large cyclamen coum tubers at the garden centre as I was intrigued and had never grown one before. Since this pic was taken I have planted them properly in pots covered with soil. One from this pot had been carried off by a fox and left at the bottom of the garden. I guess he decided it didn't taste or smell intereresting.

cyclamen bulb

I also don't know what the parsley-like plant is in the centre of the pot above. Will leave it and see what happens with it. The pot also has at the top green alkanet, at the bottom snapdragons, bottom right pansy and around the left nigella.

This has appeared from the large self-seeded pot, below. I'm not sure what it is. I guess it could be rosemary, the leaves look similar but I don't recall the rosemary having bloomed before. Funny this small plant decided to bloom if the much larger plant I have hasn't, it's just visible in the pic above, above the pot.

purple flower


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