Neighbourhood Cats

Meet the team:





Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket






Lazlo (Victor's brother)



Stitch (Bear's mum)


Bear (Stitch's son)



Socks, Victor (Lazlo's brother), Scarecrow, Rocky and Polly Pocket are mine and the others come to visit.

Rocky, our latest adoption. He loves catnip. Those are catnip plants on the right.

he's obsessed with water in the garden

regardless of the weather Rocky likes to snuggle in the greenhouse

Dolly,  October 2018

amazing whiskers


I was reviewing some photos and I found some I don't think I posted before

Victor on the right and Laszlo on the left

cats garden wall

these are from last year (2017) and the garden is so lush compared to the dry garden of 2018

Summer 2018

The catnip (nepeta cataria) I grew from seed has produced some decent plants. Polly Pocket promptly eats the leaves if I pick some for her. I was photographing it and comparing it to dead-nettle and she obviously smelt it with the movement and came outside.

cat catnip nepeta cataria

cat catnip nepeta cataria

Scarecrow on the patio

Socks and Victor next door

the grass next door is all brown, Jeffrey doesn't mind

Spring 2018  I was tidying up the patio and moved the pot of nepeta (catnip) to a more accessible position and Bear soon found it.

cat with nepeta

he climbed in it

cat with nepeta catnip

the nepeta ended up a bit crushed by the time Bear finished with it


the day before Jimi had been enjoying the nepeta

cat with nepeta

cat with nepeta

I don't know how I missed this pic of Bear  from 2016 I just found. Aside from my own cats, he's my favourite visitor (I have a bit of a crush on him).


the following images are from 2017 and before

Jimi enjoying the catnip

Scarecrow on the wall, Jimi on the table

cats in the garden

Jimi was rolling around playing with the catnip (nepeta faassenii) branches

cat with nepeta fassennii

cat with nepeta fassennii

cat in garden

I just need a pot of pansies and a cat to enjoy my garden.

pansies and tuxedo cat

pansies tuxedo cat

Socks by the dierama and sea holly seedlings


ginger cat

Scarecrow and Victor


Scarecrow has polydactyl paws

Scarecrow loves being in the garden, the next best thing is looking out the window into the garden

Jimi in the garden next door

Jimi finally settled down in the box by the back door

Polly Pocket

Lord Jeffrey, on his throne

Arlie at the back door, watched by Socks.


The sun was out, although a bit chilly, Victor and Scarecrow enjoying it next door.

Jeffrey was there to the left by the catnip which he later chewed.

it was difficult to get all 3 in the same pic but there they are below

Scarecrow is a changed cat since I had him neutered. He is sweet now, gets along with the others and purrs immediately when I pet him. He never purred before the op. His fur is soft and he's looking healthier every day. It's not easy being an unneutered stray, as he was.

Scarecrow, right on the wall below, watching Jeffrey on the path. Scarecrow's facial markings are similar to Polly Pocket's although his body is mostly black whereas hers is mostly white.

Bear, looking absolutely gorgeous

I was organizing my bulb forcing when the cats came to watch the birds. I didn't even realize Billy was in the shot (he's next door) until I was processing the photo on my pc.

Bear in the front garden under the phormium

Victor enjoying the breeze by the back door

Polly Pocket enjoying that position another day

my serious Polly Pocket

the catnip in bloom with Socks and Victor, my handsome dudes

Bear came over today, at first I thought he was hungry but instead he started enjoying the catnip, he rubbed it, smelled it, sat in it and ate it

cat with catnip

cat with catnip

cat with catnip

cat with catnip

cat with catnip

a rare occurrence, all 3 of my cats close enough to each other to be in the same pic, Polly Pocket is distracted by the sprig of cat nip in the box

Billy, feeling much more comfortable with Victor now, he's happy to come over.

I do wonder whether Billy and Polly Pocket are related. She looks so serious.

sometimes Victor needs to really stretch out, there's often too much stuff on my patio so he goes next door

he can just be seen through the gap in the fence

but sometimes he's happy to just curl up and use a flowerpot for a pillow

Victor enjoying some morning sun

Stitch 2015

on the mini-greenhouse, Stitch likes to come and have Dreamies up there

on such a hot day Stitch enjoys laying on the brick wall as it's cooler than other places


the cats love sitting on walls and fences

Sock and Victor


Bear just to the left of the pic above

Bear and Victor on the back wall

Socks and Victor

they love having a drink outside wherever water has collected, even if they never drink indoors


Jeffrey was very thirsty today. He didn't mind there was a bit of dirt in the bottom of this container I'd used to clean a pot.

cat drinking in garden

I had just filled this up to the top so Victor easily drank from it

Billy having a drink of water from that pan the cats like drinking from

lots of cats have enjoyed sitting in a box in this spot looking out the back door


Polly Pocket


4 cats at the back door: Victor on the landing, Stitch on the mini-greenhouse, Socks in Victor's box just inside the door and Jeffrey under a chair to the right

Socks likes to sit and watch flying insects, the cats seem to like watching the pigeons but I have never seen any of the cats catching a bird, the odd mouse - yes - but that's good, I don't want any mice esp. inside


I found more pics of Billy


what a beautiful boy


Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket in the front garden, 2018