Seoul Street Pots

Seoul is an densely populated city full of skyscrapers without much ground for gardens, however small. But there are pots and trees everywhere - a desire for something growing and green despite the often concrete environment. This is a brief snapshot of everything I saw growing in Seoul end of October 2017.

street flowers pot Seoul

chrysanthemums in front of the Gyeongbokgung Palace gate

I see two bees on these chrysanthemums

ornamental cabbage

ornamental cabbage Seoul

the palace is quite a controlled environment but a cheeky smooth sow thistle has manged to self-seed along the wall

smooth sow thistle seoul

on the other side of the path, a bee on white clover

white clover by Gyeongbokjung Palace gate

and an unknown shrub

and on the other side of the palace, with those black berries, this should be distinctive, will research

public plantings Seoul

close-up of those purple and white flowers at the end

there's a moth or butterfly on these pink flowers which are enjoying the intense sun on Gwanghwamun Square

in additon to the intentional planting, of course, there are weeds

I don't know what this feathery plant is, and whether weed or welcome self-seeder

there's a small park near the Jogyesa Buddhist Temple where I noticed a few plants

Seoul planter

many buildings have trees on the roof

trees on buildings Seoul

building with trees on the roof

building with roof trees Seoul

trees (typical pine trees) in front of buildings, wherever they can be fit into the urban landscape

trees in front of buildings Seoul

trees in front of buildings Seoul

I think this is an aster seedling

chrysanthemum seedling

and another, although I see the leaves are a bit different

aster seedling Seoul

gallant soldier

gallant soldier Seoul

a type of ivy?, I'm not sure

ivy Seoul

at first I thought this might be a pine tree seedling but looking at it more closely, I think those are seed pods

small plant with seed pods

a couple of prickly sow thistle, I've seen a few of these in Seoul

I'm not sure what this white flower is

this was a common weed to me in my walks around Seoul, I'm not sure what it is, similar to nipplewort

chrysanthemum to the left with those distinctive leaves

weeds Seoul

oxalis, same the world over I guess

weeds Seoul

weeds Seoul

I was interested to see aloe leaves being sold like this.

aloe leaves for sale Seoul

perilla, chillis and other leaves for sale

perilla chillis for sale Seoul


Insa-Dong, Seoul, end of October

I saw a few plantings of agastache in Seoul.

agastache Insa-Dong Seoul

most of the flowers are spent on this cleome, giving a good view of the seed pods

cleome Insa-Dong Seoul


nightshade Insa-Dong Seoul

Insa-Dong Seoul

Insa-Dong Seoul

miniature rose in a planter

Insa-Dong Seoul

Insa-dong Seoul

nasturtium, dandelions, not sure what else

Insa-dong Seoul

Insa-dong Seoul

nasturtium, gallant soldier, dandelion, oxalis

Insa-dong Seoul

I've seen a few marigolds in Seoul.

Insa-dong Seoul

plants on roofs

Insa-dong roof plants Seoul

Insa-dong plants on roofs Seoul

Insa-dong plants on roofs Seoul


Insa-dong salvia Seoul

this salvia looks like the one sold in the UK as "Hot Lips"

Insa-dong Seoul salvia

in the centre of Ssamziegil mall/market/shopping centre in Insa-Dong

insa-dong Seoul

I love the bulb-like artwork

Insa-dong shop window Seoul

I saw a few of this type of shrub in Seoul. It has distinctive flowers so I hope to be able to identify it after a bit of research. -update - just came across Mirabilis jalapa (August 2018) which seems to be a match

Insa-dong Seoul

Insa-dong toilet sign

Most of the signs I saw in Seoul have Chinese, as well as Korean.

Insa-dong Seoul toilet signs

Insa-dong Seoul

close-up of those flowers and fruits

Insa-dong Seoul

the Poop Cafe in Ssamziegil has cacti and succulents on the windowsills, popular plants in Seoul

cacti succulents poop cafe ssamziegil insa-dong seoul

cacti succulents poop cafe ssamziegil insa-dong seoul

cacti succulents poop cafe ssamziegil insa-dong seoul


Sejong Village, Seoul, end of October

Tongin Market, typical Seoul view: traditional roof, pine trees, street pots, scooter

Tongin Market

pots sejong village seoul

sejong village

close-up of those plants on the far left, not sure what they are

pots sejong village seoul

street pots sejong village seoul

Asters are a very popular flower for the pots and small public plantings in Seoul, presumably Aster koraiensis.


I didn't see many buddleja. I think this is the only example.



cleome sejong village seoul

I think the purple flower is gentian

gentian sejong village seoul

marigolds, agastache, others

pots sejong village seoul

I'm not sure what this white flower is.

pyracantha, not sure what the white flower is


there are lots of morning glory's  in Seoul

morning glory Seoul



cacti are popular in Seoul, indoors or out

unknown weeds in Sejong Village, Seoul, end of October

-update- wondering purslane for the one on the right?

typical weed scene the world over: a seed grasping a hold wherever it can, Sejong Village, Seoul, end of October

weed sejong village seoul

this is the largest close-up I can get, still don't know what it is

looking up towards Mt Inwangsan in the distance