Plants Behaving Badly

hanging out at my local watching a giant crane (and London is a land of cranes at the moment so that's saying something) working on a building site by the Regent's Canal in Camden Town - and looking at weeds

giant crane Quinns Camden Town

close-up of those weeds, left to right wall lettuce, smooth sow thistle, dandelion and oxalis throughout

weeds Quinns

epic fails

new building, new garden with bamboo - and a giant dandelion! the largest I've ever seen, round the corner from me, London NW1

dandelion and bamboo

It's about 50 cm across

giant dandelion

a public area planting that's going a bit wrong, that bramble, not the thickest I've ever seen but going in that direction, Hampstead Rd, London NW1


the russian vine is consuming the sign for Warren Evans which is not readable now, Camden St (Camden Road station in the background)

russian vine

the Virginia creeper is escaping, nearby road, London NW1

virginia creeper

that squash my neighbour is growing has taken over that tree

squash in tree

ridiculously small window boxes, not enough soil to grow much of anything and how do you reach them to water them? nice collection of horseweed, Whitechapel, east London

window boxes

Seeds want to grow no matter what. I can't tell what they are but I'll pot them up and see. Probably deadnettle, maybe snapdragon.

- update -

I planted those seedlings above and yes, they are indeed deadnettle

deadnettle seedlings

another damn yellow composite, I am going to study these in more detail and try to come to terms with them, Warren Evans courtyard car park, London NW1

damn yellow composite

damn yellow composite

damn yellow composite

underside of one of these damn yellow composites, Camden Rd, London NW1

damn yellow composite

these damn yellow composites could turn into my life's work and it's only 1 page in my wildflower book!

damn yellow composites

not sure if this is creeping thistle or another, will go back and look at it further


I think it is creeping thistle. It's just a small example, just off Camden Road, 15-9-2017.

creeping thistle

creeping thistle flowers

one of the foxes knocked a large pot over revealing these slug and snail eggs, I've mushed all those I could, they rolled away and were difficult to get

slug and snail eggs