more about auriculas

I'm learning a lot about auriculas! When I checked these today, there was at least one snail on every pot. I moved the shelves away from the ivy a bit to make it more difficult for them to make their way onto the auriculas. If I am going to display them in an auricula theatre they need to be in bloom at the same time. They aren't! but a number of them don't look like they are far behind.

My bargain purchases here can't hold a candle to the images I see online. I'm just taking a chance with colours and quality by buying £1.99 plants from the garden centre. Some look better than others.



I bought another vintage ladder last year and had been thinking of painting it black to display the auriculas but then I thought, not necessary! The dark brown I painted this one would be just fine.

Neither of these possible options for displaying the auriculas in a "theatre" has a roof/cover to protect the auriculas from the rain. The ladder has the added problem of how to secure the pots on each rung.