weeding on holiday

The garden of the flat I stayed in on the south coast for the last week in August was covered with weeds. Of course I couldn't resist weeding it and I have a few pics of unidentified weeds.

This erigeron used to be covered with pink flowers. Now it's covered with brambles.

erigeron covered with brambles

the thickest brambles I've ever seen

thick brambles

the erigeron after cutting the brambles

erigeron after cutting brambles

I'm not sure what this is, certainly a plant that self-seeds easily.

an unknown weed

another example of the same weed

another unknown weed

ribwort plantain (I've transferred this now to my weed guide)

The roots on these patio weeds can be incredibly long. It's how they survive

weed with very long root

The pellitory of the wall clumps were the largest I've ever seeen.

pellitory of the wall

I brought home some erigeron cuttings from a previous trip.

seaside plants