The Wonder of Weeds

I've seen this before but when I noticed it on iplayer today I thought I'd watch it again. Provides some food for thought.  For example, stachys macrantha which isn't in my weed guide as I didn't know it was a "weed", but as it self-seeded I guess it makes sense:

stachys macrantha

The agastache anisata's flowers are continuing to grow taller. The unknown weed in that pot (on the right) still has not bloomed; so far looking like a willowherb. I'm finding it difficult to be patient waiting for it but I'm determined to figure out what it is once and for all. I'd have more weed flower pics in my weed guide if I wasn't was desperate to pull the weeds out and not give them a chance to flower and spread.

agastache anisata

The cold, cold spring meant my sunflowers (and other seeds) got a very slow start. This is one of my few sunflowers in bloom.


Some very handmade terracotta pots  - so much more character than black plastic.

handmade terracotta pots

My first lupin is looking good and attracting bees (although I didn't manage to capture a pic of any)