buying perennials when sowing from seed is difficult

These veronicas are one of those perennials very difficult to sow from seed. I bought the Royal Candles variety a few years ago but they didn't come up this year and I do love them so decided to invest in a couple more plants. The garden centre also had Ulster Blue Dwarf which looked very attractive so I bought one of each.

Veronica Ulster Blue Dwarf

veronica ulster blue dwarf

Veronica Royal Candles

veronica royal candles

This was in my Weed Guide under mystery plants but now that buds are appearing I think I had a few flowers on this last year and it's either greater or lesser knapweed which I had forgotten. I don't seem to have any pics of it from last year - very remiss of me especially if I'm not taking better notes.




This suddenly appeared in the garden next door. It looked a lot like a foxglove before the flowers opened this morning. Now I can see it looks like a verbascum which I don't see anywhere around here so I have no idea where it came from. I don't know much about them so don't know if they are a known self-seeder.