flowers and new buds, mid-June 2021


the melancholy thistle are past their prime but some flowers still of interest to the bees

bee on melancholy thistle

bees on melancholy thistle

hoverfly on some unopened echium Blue Bedder buds

hoverfly on echium Blue Bedder

the bees don't seem to be visiting the fox-and-cubs yet but there are too many other flowers of interest for them in addition to the melancholy thistle: poppies, nepeta and green alkanet



first Lauren's Grape poppies, bee just below one, I guess I disturbed it off the flower while photographing

lauren's grape poppy with bee

Lauren's Grape poppy

first candytuft in bloom



first echium Blue Bedder in bloom

echium Blue Bedder

first monkshood flower in bloom



bees on the sheepsbit

bee on sheepsbit

bee on sheepsbit

bee on sheepsbit

left to right, fox-and-cubs, nepeta, snapdragons, poppies latest flush, scabious

My sea holly, Magical Blue Lagoon, which I bought from the garden centre last year, has survived (so many plants do not), in bud in the centre below.

sea holly (Magical Blue Lagoon) buds in the centre

bee in poppy

bee in melancholy thistle

bee in melancholy thistle

calla lily and iris foetidissima (in the background) in bloom

delpinium in bloom, cornflower and sheepsbit in bloom below the delphinium




scabious in bloom and knautia macedonica in bud

scabious and knautia

monkshood in bud

monkshood buds

lavender buds below the monkshood

monarda Cambridge Scarlet in bud

monarda Cambridge Scarlet

lesser knapweed in bud

lesser knapweed

heleniums in bud above calendula

helenium in bud