June 2021

I am loving my sheepsbit. I attempted to grow from seed last year but all the seedlings seem to die. One appeared in the centaurea dealbata pot although I didn't know what it was. I don't know how it got there but I feel very lucky.

sheepsbit Jasione montana

the entire plant, sharing the Centaurea dealbata's pot

sheepsbit jasione montana

the pot behind (above) is a Green Wizard echinacea which was badly slug-eaten - had no leaves but since I've been picking off slugs and snails each evening, a few leaves have grown

My first two red poppies. A bee was on one yesterday but didn't get my camera in time.

red poppy Papaver rhoeas

red poppy Papaver rhoeas

a bee on a green alkanet, my bees are loving it

bee green alkanet

my bees are also loving the nepeta

bee on nepeta

bee on nepeta