wildflowers in the garden

Lots of things in bud if not in bloom yet: small scabious, poppy, sea holly, sunflowers and green alkanet and forget-me-not throughout.

monarda and cornflowers

I have lots of wildflowers in my garden anyway but this little patch has become the wildflower area: stinging nettle, swinecress, betony, jacob's ladder, fox-and-cubs, hogweed and green alkanet throughout.


betony, a couple small plants I got from the garden centre in the "wildflower" range

stinging nettle, teasel right in front of Rocky

stinging nettle, swinecress, hogweed

on the left, jacob's ladder from the garden centre "wildflower" range, hogweed and fox-and-cubs in the pot on the right, green alkanet

ranunculus, globe thistle behind

ranunculus bud eaten out by a caterpillar