late summer flowers

the recent rain has brought some new growth: the salvia sclarea var. turkestanica has some new flowers and buds, scabious in the background

salvia sclarea turkestanica

closer view of those buds, I don't know if there's time for them to open

salvia sclarea turkestanica

a hollyhock self-seeded in the pot with the melancholy thistle, I didn't want to disturb either so I left them both


the sage I grew from seed recently is doing ok but it won't bloom this year, random snapdragon in the pot and I see some verbena bonariensis which I see self-seeding a lot

sunflower in bloom - amazing as the first bud was eaten by slugs but the plant came back and produced a new one, bee enjoying it

sunflower with bee

nepeta cataria with bee

japanese anemone