July 2020


I have forget-me-nots self-seeding in my garden every spring, in bloom generally March and April. I never knew exactly which type but looking now, seem to be wood forget-me-nots (Myosotis sylvatica).


they have distinctive leaves


I was surprised to have this new plant self-seeding with different leaves but something about it said forget-me-not. It has finally bloomed and appears to be Chinese forget-me-not (Cynoglossum amabile) which I've never actually seen before. No idea where it came from.

chinese forget-me-not Cynoglossum amabile

this was it a few days previous before it bloomed, with quite different leaves from my usual forget-me-nots

chinese forget-me-not

As the season progresses, my lack of bees is becoming more pronounced. No bees so far on my globe thistles - usually a real bee magnet or my new monarda Cambridge Scarlet, which I haven't grown before but I understood it was attractive to bees.

monarda Cambridge Scarlet

just recently I'm seeing a lot of hoverflies, on the hollyhocks (also have seen bees on them)

hollyhocks with hoverfly


scabious with hoverflies

a bit overexposed but there is a hoverfly on one of the flowers

nemophila snowstorm

earlier in the month, bees on the centaurea dealbata

centaurea dealbata

hoverfly on the centaurea dealbata

centaurea dealbata

echium Blue Bedder with a bee

echium Blue Bedder

cornflower with bee

cornflower with bee

sea holly with bee

sea holly

sea holly with bee

sea holly with bee