June 2020

This has been a very difficult time with hot dry weather. It finally really rained this week but how long the effects of that last, not sure. The slugs are back wreaking havoc. The only positive thing about the drought was fewer slugs and snails.

The poppies have been amazing for the bees. "The" plant of this spring. in the background, sea holly, echiums vulgare and Blue Bedder which the bees are visiting but as long as there's a poppy in bloom (sadly they don't last long) that takes the bees' attention.

lauren's grape poppy with bees

the melancholy thistle is blooming and has had a few visits from bees but I guess I just don't have that many bees, sadly

melancholy thistle with bee

viper's-bugloss (Echium vulgare) with bee, knautia macedonica and nepeta in the background

vipers bugloss echium vulgare with bee

the salvia sclarea var turkestanica is blooming but so far I have not seen a bee visiting, sadly

salvia sclarea var tukestanica

the nemophila is blooming, first flower of the Penny Black

nemophila Penny Black

Penny Black on the left, Five Spot on the right, the two are wildly different in their seed germination, each pot was one packet of seeds


my first veronica flower of the season




centaurea dealbata

centaurea dealbata

echium vulgare on the left and echium Blue Bedder on the right, Lauren's Grape poppy

echium vulgare and echium Blue Bedder

hollyhocks (teasel to the right, artichoke behind) sadly crawling with hollyhock weevil


I loved seeding bees on the monkshood this week

monkshood with bee

a bee has climbed right inside a flower, bottom left

monkshood with bee

monkshood with bee