end of August 2019

another flush of greater knapweed flowers

greater knapweed

the Chinese lanterns are turning orange (the greater knapweed is just to the left of the front path just out of shot)

chinese lanterns

the flowers are so unnoticeable (green lantern underneath which will turn orange in coming weeks)

chinese lantern flower

I have the final few plants I grew from seed. Salvia sclarea var. turkestanica, obviously aren't going to bloom this year. I finally planted them in larger pots.

the slugs had been eating them before so not sure how they'll do in the pots (3 round, 1 square), in the pots I can put them more in the sun when I've cleared some spent plants

salvis sclarea turkestanica

These meadow clary (Salvia pratensis) are surprisingly small, also in smaller pots,

meadow clary

thought I'd try them all together in the this very large pot. I can always divide them next year. Anything in small the pots the foxes are playing with, taking next door, etc. so needed to get things planted, even if into pots rather than in the ground. In the ground I worry about slugs.

meadow clary

Rudbeckia Green Wizard which I bought a few years ago (previous attempts growing from seed were unsuccessful but maybe because of my aggressive slugs), I hadn't planted it out but still the slugs got to it, I moved it off the ground / out of the way and it grew back but the slugs got to it again, the cycle was repeated a few times. At some point I managed to put it on some shelves away from the slugs and it grew back the last time and I planted it in this larger pot. I still can't put it in the ground and not sure where to put the pot long term but it is now on some tall shelves. Can it bloom in a pot? I don't know but I'll see next year I guess.

green wizard

This is my last delphinium small plant (of 4 ) that I grew from seed earlier this year, the slugs got the others; also in the pot is my last melancholy thistle. The slugs loved them! This pot is also on the tall shelves. I have another packet of melancholy thistle seeds to try again.