Weed Therapy

(adapted from Bird Therapy as seen on Winterwatch 2019)

1. Learn
2. Be Active
3. Connect
4. Give
5. Take Notice

I will also add, 6. Be Patient. It can take months of observing a plant and seeing how it develops and blooms before being able to identify it.

only while at my pc did I notice those tiny buds in the centre, thinking this is swine cress (a new weed - to me), waiting (impatiently but trying for patiently) for further development

weed rosette

Geranium Molle, early rosette. I didn't notice those square stems next to it. Think that's the smooth sow thistle I was photographing but concentrating on the buds not the stems. Never realized they were so square at the bottom.

geranium molle

Not sure on this but thinking mayweed?

possibly mayweed