December 2018

Dec 9th, the weather has been mild and the snapdragons are continuing to bloom.

scabious Perfection Blue snapdragons

the scabious Perfection Blue is looking better every day

scabiosa Perfection Blue

the delphinium buds haven't opened but they haven't completely wilted either, salvia Amistad behind still has a few flowers

delphinium salvia amistad

I've tried to grow catnip (Nepeta cataria) indoors but the seedlings are struggling. I've had to give up and put them outside.

catnip seedlings indoors

Beginning of December, my scabious Perfection Blue is finally in bloom. I sowed the seeds earlier this year in March, only 5 plants from a packet of seeds but I love scabious and the colour is gorgeous. I hope they will be blooming next Spring / Summer and years after.

scabiosa Perfection Blue

these viola Chicky Chicks I also grew from seed (sown in August) which I collected from the original Chicky Chicks I grew from seed last summer

viola Chicky Chicks