Autumn 2017

PLEASE do not re-use cut plastic bottles as cloches for plants in the garden.

This is a horrible result. Animals, in this case a fox, can get caught (later died). Please consider everything in your garden carefully.

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(Mama Cat Trust Fox Rescue)

Cosmos on a gorgeous sunny day, 22-9-2017 first day of autumn, Avenue Gardens, Regent's Park. I didn't notice those shiny buds until I was at my pc - I love them. I must go back for another pic.

cosmos Avenue Gardens Regent's Park

phlox, I love the colour and scent but in my garden the slugs love them too, also in Avenue Gardens

phlox Avenue Gardens Regent's Park

I'm not sure what this is (yet) - Bidens? can't find the exact one.

Scarecrow and the yucca flower

yucca flower

the angelica I planted earlier this year won't bloom until next year but it looks like it's gotten well-established


a wall of wall lettuce

wall of wall lettuce