September 2017

I can't believe it's the first of September! How sad the summer is almost over although the morning glory is at it's peak. The purple flowers are the vigorous Grandpa Ott, the odd pinky one is another variety which has only just flowered.

morning glory

the sunflower from birdseed dropping to the ground has bloomed, honesty to the right, aquilegia and cranesbill to the left, lots of green alkanet and chickweed

sunflower from birdseed

a new flush of knautia flowers

knautia buds

and fresh flowers from a white scabious and an echium at its base

scabious and echium

this is that pot back in May, it's taken 3 months for the scabious to bloom, I think the echium must have bloomed and died back but the one above I don't know if that's the centre one below or another one - that self-seeded?

scabious and echium

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed in the garden yesterday so decided to do what I do best: make a list and take photos. I have two main tasks, 1. pots that need repotting and 2. pots that need planting in the garden. I have a ridiculous number of sea holly small plants now but don't want to plant them out yet as the slugs will devour them and I have no place to put them! so I want to repot them until I decide.

Tray 1 with small and large pots with sea holly and some forget-me-nots self-seeding and no doubt other things. Looks like a globe thistle towards the back. (I notice things at my pc when processing a pic which I didn't notice in the garden.) Two pots of hyssop and two of majoram from the garden centre. Thought some late flowers would be nice for the bees - so much is finished in my garden. Herbs are just about the only affordable thing at my local garden centre (£2.49 each / 5 for £10). Not sure where the herbs are going so will just repot.

Tray 2 with sea holly and I see mallow, hollyhocks, teasel as well as the forget-me-nots self-seeding and uh oh a plantain there I missed. That last one is the only one I will dispose of.

Tray 3 with smaller sea holly seedlings/small plants still in the seed tray. I think I have enough sea holly!

my tray of chinese lanterns, still in the original seed tray (is that a cheeky enchanter's nightshade at the front? - update - no just part of the chinese lantern plant)

chinese lantern seedlings

Pots to plant in the garden, on the left fox and cubs which self-seeded in that pot. A few fox and cubs self-seeders there already that didn't get anywhere as they were overwhelmed by green alkanet which I've now cleared and hope to keep that small space free of it. On the right veronica, embarrassingly still in the pots they came in. Dierama small plant at the back which I grew from seed.

fox and cubs

self-seeded verbena bonariensis in a pot which I figure should be planted out

more veronica which I at least repotted but it needs to be planted properly in the garden now

a wider view of that flower bed (on the right), I tried moving the globe thistles, one still there at the front

a new one self-seeding this year, I'm going to try moving that, centaurea montana on the right - that's what I want there

globe thistle centaurea montana

another thing growing in that flowerbed

cat in flowerbed