mid-July 2017

My camera can't capture this but the artichokes are a magnificent purple and they are in my garden, the garden next door and the one next to that. Front gardens have a lot to cope you: rubbish and recycling (dry, food and garden waste), rodents, litter, traffic, dogs, pedestrians. Plants have to be tough to cope with it all. Gardeners have to be tough to cope with it all. Last time I was out there planting the hollyhock seedlings the woman next door threw her cigarette butt right into the flowerbed where I was working, while I was working.

front garden with artichokes

a morning glory ended up in the front garden next door

morning glory

I have struggled with the greater knapweed. It's not nearly as resilient and prolific as the lesser knapweed. The position is also not great, too near one of the artichokes. I did try seeds this year. Not a single seed germinated. Will look out for plants and try another and plant it in a better jplace.

greater knapweed

this year all the morning glory are the result of self-seeding from the plants I had last year and unlike last year they have single flowers opening up in various places, they are gorgeous but last a brief time - just one day? I'll have to keep track

grandpa ott morning glory

early this morning the cats were desperate to get out into the front garden, at 5:15 it was still a bit dark but I wanted to capture the scene

front garden

yesterday it was a hot sunny day so the bees were out in force on those artichokes, this one, closest to the door (as shown above) being shorter is easier for me to take a pic of it from above

bees on artichoke

the bees are also loving the lesser knapweed

bee on lesser knapweed

bee on lesser knapweed

bee on lesser knapweed

I saw a bee on the snapdragons but my pic only captures it just to the left of the flower, just under the verbena bonariensis on the left

bee snapdragons

taking this pic of a butterfly on the lesser knapweed took great patience waiting for it to land so I could get the shot in focus

butterfly on lesser knapweed


the globe thistles are just starting to bloom and the bees (two different kinds) can't wait to get to that nectar

bees on globe thistle

Scarecrow is blissfully enjoying being in the garden, being in the sun and near the catnip.

cat with catnip

those hollyhocks I planted at the end of the garden next door annoyed one of the neighbours (it's a garden shared by two council flats, I guess he thought if he wasn't planting something nobody was going to, what a nasty thing to do do dig up a flower for no reason, he got the smaller plants as well)


this was BEFORE


Polly Pocket in the catnip

cat in nepeta

a butterfly enjoying the catnip as well, comma butterfly I think, just googled it

butterfly on catnip

Scarecrow in the flowerbed using a brick for a pillow, catnip in the foreground

cat and nepeta