beginning of July 2017

yes, the bees like the veronica, I wasn't sure as they didn't go to it immediately but since the echium, lupin and borage isn't so exuberant they've found the veronica

bee on veronica

veronica and echium vulgare

veronica echium

the second lupin flower, not as large as the first

lupin flower

I cannot get enough of the scabious buds

scabious blue cushion buds

scabious flowers and globe thistle buds

scabious Blue Cushion globe thistle buds

bee on scabious blue cushion

I can't stop taking pics of the scabious

scabious blue cushion

the sea holly is blooming, just starting to colour, at least some have survived the slugs

sea holly

the agapanthus buds are just starting, it's so dry even they were wilting, one looks like it hasn't straightened up since watering, everything in the garden is under stress with this drought


Victor on the patio under the catnip, both the purple-flowered nepeta faassenii and the nepeta cataria with white flowers

the white-flowered nepeta cataria

catnip nepeta cataria white flowers

last year I went out in the evenings and picked off the slugs and snails but this year I haven't been able to and the hostas really suffered, they're flowering but the leaves are like lace




I have morning glory popping up all over the place, nice contrast with the nasturtiums, chicory in the background

nasturtium morning glory chicory