end of June 2017

I'm a simple girl that still loves pansies (ok, I guess some if not all are violas). I see lots of self-seeders as well: verbena bonariensis, agastache, calendula, erigeron karvinskianus, morning glory and an echium vulgare.


I thought the morning glory (self-seeded from last year's flowers) were quite small and I hadn't decided exactly where to put them so was suprised to see flowers.

morning glory

I decided to move that pot of scabious, in front of the globe thistles (still in bud) where there's more sun

scabious blue cushion globe thistles

just to the left of the globe thistles are some sea holly that have survived the slugs, sure there were more but at least I have some and to the left of those, the agapanthus in bud, no idea why one is so tall in comparison with the others

agapanthus buds sea holly

here's another morning glory, very small - and already blooming, climbing up an unknown plant, a handy living stake

morning glory

the sunflowers are blooming, well away from the slugs



close-up of that lower one, they're all different, from a free packet of seeds


The chicory is covered with flowers.



Difficult to capture all the flowers in my pics.

chicory flowers

my first (possibly only) water lily this year

water lily

that half-barrel is falling apart, I had it from new about 12 years ago

that liner in particular is looking pretty sad, holes in it that prevent it from being filled any more

one of my last passionflowers for this year I guess


moving to the other side of the fence, the garden next door, where the passionflower is growing from, it self-seeded between the slabs, now the stem is woody and quite chunky

passionflower stem

close-up of that stem

passionflower stem

at the end of that garden, the self-seeded teasels are looking great and just flowering, pyracantha to the left, snowberry to the right, hydrangea petiolaris behind right, bag of leaves from last year making leaf mould out of the way next to the fence


and on the other side opposite the teasel

cat on fence with verbascum and hollyhock

cat on fence hollyhock

just to the left along the fence, a rose with a beautiful colour flower (not well-captured with my camera sadly) and a single red stem which I find intriguing, why is one stem red?

rose with red stem