2nd week in April 2017

Centaurea Montana, one of my favourite plants, this year's first flower

centaurea montana

the centaurea montanas have self-seeded, a couple in this pot that was nearby, planting them in the flowerbed is one of my many outstanding tasks

centaurea montana self-seeded

self-seeded cerinthe surrounded by green alkanet (also one of my favourite plants) and erigeron karvinskianus in the background

cerinthe green alkanet

the muscari are almost finished for this year but these were in the shade and blooming a little later than ones that were in the sun


another of my favourite flowers, the humble pansy, I have bought and grown from seed many pansies but this plant self-seeded all on its own


I love the purple shoots of this hosta. I've kept my hostas in pots to avoid slug damage - with variable results.

hosta purple shoots

final curtain for the auricula theatre for this season

auricula theatre

auricula theatre

Little Princess tulips

Little Princess tulip

Little Princess tulip

Little Princess tulip

Little Princess

my back garden is covered with green alkanet and the bees are loving it! It's like this each spring. The green alkanet dies back in a few weeks in time to make room for other plants so I am happy to leave it for the bees as there are not that many other flowers in bloom yet.

green alkanet