exquisite pincushions

time for those exquisite pincushion flowers

scabious blue cushion


scabious Blue Cushion

scabious blue cushion

my first (possibly only one for this summer) sunflower with a bee

sunflower with bee

the bees are also liking the nasturtiums

nasturtiam with bee

nasturtium with bee

an update on the violas, it's hard to believe that only a few weeks ago these were tiny unexpected self-seeders which given space have grown and bloomed

this is another self-seeded viola, in the front garden


two weeks later and the suspected milk thistle does indeed look like milk thistle with that new distinctive leaf, I also put that piece of acanthus in this pot and possibly a centaurea montana to the left

milk thistle

I did plant the milk thistle seeds which I was able to remove from a dried seed head and the germination has been excellent, I'm intrigued that the milk thistle I had a few years ago never seemed to self-seed