some new blooms

this salvia has recently bloomed in the front garden, there's also a purple aquilegia to the left and some green alkanet in the background and a chinese lantern to the right


I never know where my best foxgloves (example below on the right) will be until they bloom as I have them self-seeding all over the garden


my milk thistles have managed to bloom, in spite of their tastiness to slugs

milk thistle

all my pots have nigella and snapdragons which have self-seeded (a lot also have pansies), there's actually an ivy-leaved geranium back there which was the original occupant of this pot

more pansies, not sure if these are Tasty Pansy or Pansy Tea Party but one or the other either self-seeded or plants coming back from last year


viper's bugloss (echium vulgare), I love these blue/purple flowers

vipers bugloss

as well as the viper's bugloss the "purple" pot has nepeta in bloom and sea holly (tall stem in the foreground) not in bloom yet

I can't believe all these plants self-seeding in the cracks of the patio next door: nigella, violas, forget-me-nots

and ceanothus!


tiny beautiful viola flower


a view of the back garden

another view of the back garden showing the yellow rose right at the back, sadly it has no scent, unlike the dark pink one flowering so prolifically at the moment at the front

the beautiful fat round chive flower buds

chive lower buds

later when the flowers are beginning to bloom, the bees are loving them

chive flowers

the irises in the back garden and an aquilegia in the foreground


Scrophularia grandiflora