midsummer - lots of colour

field scabious, beautiful flowers and a beautiful pinchushion bud

field scabious

These artichokes have self-seeded next door and this year they are blooming for the first time. My artichokes are in the background, just behind the rose bush, also in bloom. You can also see here the hollyhocks and a teasel in bloom.

artichoke flowers

pansy tea party, competing with space with the agapanthus babies (they've never bloomed)

pansy tea party

all the pansies

pansy tea party and tasty pansy

pansy tea party - lovely colour variations

pansy tea party

pansy tea party

pansy tea party

pansy tea party

I love the way there are flowers on this scabiosa Barocca in about 4 different stages all at the same time, here are two.

scabiosa barocca

lots of pink flowers next door: hollyhocks (pink and red), mallow, spear thistle, hydrangea beyond

pink flowers

These are the hollyhocks that had such striking red stems before they had flowers, now I know why.

red hollyhocks

a pot of seedlings where all different things have self-seeded: 2 kinds of poppy, nigella (of course), pansy, snapdragon, foxglove, green alkanet and and an unknown on the left with the long leaves. Looking forward to seeing what it turns into.