red poppies in the front gardens

I planted thousands of seeds and this is what I got, one lonely little poppy. I hope there'll be more in time. And it looks more orange than red.

red poppy

I commented recently on how nice our front gardens can be with the busy road outside but today it was even more of a contrast.

On a happier note, Socks, as usual trying to catch flies, next to some beautiful pansies still going strong and my scabiosa barocca, both in that pot.

Socks and pansies

here's a close-up of that flower above

scabiosa barocca

more pansy tea party

pansy tea party

another thistle flower has opened

spear thistle

acanthus in bloom, not as good as it was when I bought it but considering the trauma new plants go through I think I'm lucky it bloomed at all


field scabious with red hollyhocks and creeping thistle in the background

field scabious

artichoke flowers, must re-photograph with a ladder! they're very tall

artichoke flowers

I tried again with a stool but I think I might need a ladder

artichoke flower

artichoke flower

salvia just coming into flower


the tasty pansy are prolific

tasty pansy

pansy tea party, I'm afraid they are sharing space with the agapanthus but still blooming prolifically as well

pansy tea party