observing new waste ground

February 20th I noticed this new waste ground which looks recently filled with soil by workmen. I noticed there's just the start of some plants. I was curious which plants appear first so took a closer look.

these small rosettes are different, one swinecress, the other mayweed, scented / unscented / pineapple weed?





a few weeks later, despite no rain, a number of further plants have grown

the feathery mayweed-type plant turned out to be pineapple weed

pineapple weed

some sort of polygonum?, persicaria? has sprouted

I think this is a poppy



lesser swinecress

after observing the swinecress for a couple months, I was able to observe the resulting fruits which are lesser swinecress

polygonums, awaiting more details to identify definitively



sticky mouseear

sticky mouseear


I have a bad feeling my fun in observing wild plants growing is coming to an end. A bag of grass seed has been put there, presumably to sow it imminently.


the area is now full of plants and very green

more poppies have appeared, I think they're poppies

the pineapple weed has grown extremely well

smooth sow thistle appeared (on the left) and just one small stinging nettle (on the right)

poppies growing well

a vetch has appeared

close-up of the vetch

more polygonums have appeared and someone has thrown down some grass seed

it's taken a while for a thistle to appear, also oxalis has appeared

this has appeared but not certain what it is, also unknown small seedling above and to the right

24-5-2021 fat hen or orache has appeared, (I have difficulty telling them apart) a Chenopodium anyway, surprised it's taken so long

fat hen

a few plantain-like plants have appeared but not sure about all of them yet

above and below certainly look like plantain


now that I look at this one again I'm not at all sure

although all the feathery plants appeared to all be pineapple weed, some have grown taller and have white flowers so are obviously different, a mayweed I expect, I need to go back and take photos of flowers and see if they have a scent

no doubt whatsoever about popppies with buds appearing

polygonums continue to increase, not sure specific species, I await flowers

this one looks a bit different and has thinner leaves

this does not have pronounced red at the "knots"

this was the original polygonum, more stinging nettle has appeared

another polygonum?

smooth sow thistle has appeared

and thistle (creeping thistle?) has appeared

this has appeared, uncertain to me, will observe with plantain seedlings to the right

and a common vetch has grown

common vetch

common vetch

7-6-2021 scarlet pimpernel has appeared and the fruits of the swinecress are visible indicating lesser swinecress

scarlet pimpernel

Reviewing what has grown in this patch, I'm fascinated by what has appeared and when. I am assuming all the seeds / roots were in the soil when it was brought in. I don't see there would have been enough time for seeds to come in.

February/March first 2 weeks: lesser swinecress, pineapple weed, chickweed

April, after 4 to 6 weeks: polygonums (not sure which specifically), stinging nettle, poppy, common field speedwell, sticky mouse-ear

May, after 8 to 10 weeks: common vetch, dandelion, groundsel, oxalis

end of May after 12 weeks: smooth sow thistle, plantain, fat hen, creeping thistle, scented mayweed (some of what appeared to be pineapple weed turned out to be scented mayweed)

June after 14 weeks: scarlet pimpernel

29-5-2021 I don't know what's going on here but over half of the plants are destroyed. On purpose? Did they need to store some equipment there? Very sad.