Chinese Lanterns

I tackled repotting the Chinese Lanterns first as they seemed most in need. The spreading stems became clear when I started removing them from the seed tray.

chinese lantern seedlings

I had to move those middle two plants together as they'd spread to the adjacent cell in the seed tray.

chinese lantern seedlings

additional stems forking from the main stem, on the right one just starting can be seen

chinese lantern seedlings

chinese lantern seedlings

I don't know what happens with them next. How long to flowering? When do those forking spreading stems turn into new flowering stems? I put about a dozen in this black trough.

chinese lantern small plants

half a dozen in this green trough

chinese lantern small plants

another half dozen in this trough which had a verbascum in it already

chinese lantern small plants

The final half dozen in this pot. I have a lot of Chinese Lanterns! Why are they so great? They put on a magnificent display, the slugs don't eat them (although I see something has) and they are tolerant of the shady conditions in my garden. I want to see if they are as tolerant of being in a pot.

chinese lantern small plants

A reminder of the Chinese Lanterns fruiting. These are the ones I collected the seed from last year and sowed this year, growing into the small plants above. I took these photos today (4-9-2017). BTW this flowerbed is north-facing with a fence behind covered with jasmine, ie it's shady.

chinese lantern fruits and flowers

the green lanterns, above and below, will turn orange

chinese lanterns fruit and flowers

chinese lantern flower

While out front with my camera I snapped my yucca flower, just opening, I prefer it when the buds are closed and it looks like a giant asparagus. I think it only blooms when there's been a hot summer which there has been the last few years but with global warming maybe it will bloom every year now.

yucca flower

the sea holly seedlings in the seed tray were next in need, after repotting I put them on top of the mini greenhouse to keep them away from slugs

sea holly seedlings

I have gathered up all my remaining seedlings, having repotted a few as necessary, some I don't recognise. Sea Holly top right and bottom left, aquilegia top left, bramble or blackberry middle top, honeysuckle? to the left of the bramble at the top.

close-up of that seedling bottom right - update - in a couple days it's become clear it's a verbena bonariensis

unknown seedling