We all have obstacles: whether physical problems or lack of time or lack of money or lack of space or lack of sun but I hope we can all enjoy growing something, even 1 pot from seed.

I'm gardening on a budget so mostly growing from seed or enjoying what self-seeds. My background is IT and I like things precise and organized so I am trying to learn what every plant I see is so I can document them.

In the winter I love forcing bulbs indoors, see www.gardenwithindoors.org.uk and www.hyacinthvases.org.uk.

I love cats and have four, Polly Pocket, Socks, Scarecrow and Victor . More about my cats and the other cats that visit the garden are at the Neighbourhood Cats page.




cat with forced hyacinths

and I have some other animal friends in the garden as well

You can contact me: julie at gardenwithoutdoors.org.uk.

you can also share at https://www.facebook.com/gardenwithoutdoors/