Railway Lands - a pedestrian bridge

I've mentioned this pedestrian bridge over the railway and how it creates a sheltered environment for self-seeding plants, hoary mustard, narrow-leaved ragwort, hawkweed ox-tongue, red valerian, etc, etc.  And there's a view of the Post Office Tower.

railway bridge Camley St

hoary mustard rosette and a dandelion with the Post Office Tower in the distance in the background

hoary mustard Post Office Tower in background

this is the only place I've seen narrow-leaved ragwort

narrow-leaved ragwort

and the only place I've seen geranium rotundifolium

geranium rotundifolium

spectacular hawkweed ox-tongue rosettes

hawkweed ox-tongue

red valerian before blooming

red valerian before blooming

and after blooming

red valerian

stairs leading up to the bridge

nature taking over viewed from the stairs leading up to the bridge

final part of the stairs

I was very surprised to recognise these stairs in a music video, Shampoo's Trouble, https://youtu.be/unv3GQidxEs at about 2:20, NB the stairs have had the fencing reinforced since the the video was filmed