experiments with seeds

I've always wanted to plant seeds and in recent years wanted to figure out how to do it more successfully. Results have been so hit and miss. I need to document and collect data: test

1. How long from sowing seeds until flowers are produced?

2. Which compost materials are best for germination?

3. Should the seeds be covered? in opaque or transparent material?

4. Which seedlings are most attractive to slugs?

I'm thinking about the seeds I'm planting for Spring 2018. Every year I say to myself "fewer seeds!" and every year I go a bit mad.

I bought some seeds in Korea, clockwise from top left, Aster koraiensis (saw lots of this in Korea), Pulsatilla Koreana, Rose of Sharon (national flower of Korea), perilla, hyssop, chrysanthemum (saw lots of this in Korea).

Korean seeds

I ordered from Chiltern Seeds:

agastache Korean Zest (bit of a Korean theme going on here!),

wildflowers (I've grown lots of wildflowers from seed but not these:

corncockle (grostemma githago)

bugle (ajuga reptans)

purple toadflax (linaria purpurea)

water mint (mentha aquatica)

self-heal (prunella vulgaris)

valerian (someone on FB said their cat loved it so I want to see how my cats like it)


scabious (Perfection Blue)



19-2-2018 With four cats, I like to have cat grass available for them on the windowsill. The last lot is done so I've started a new pot. I've put cling film over the pot to keep the seeds moist until they germinate. Cover the seeds or not? I'm not sure so some are on top and some are under the compost.

cat grass seed sowing


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