a foxglove surviving drought and heatwave

I had some fantastic foxgloves this year, but they came back after a drought and heatwave in 2022.

7-6-2023 with a bee

foxglove with bee

wider view end of May 2023


detail 11-6-2023

poppy bud foxgloves

back in 2022, my large foxglove did not bloom, first I've ever had a failure with a foxglove, it had a withered brown flower stem, I don't know if I have a photo, it was so painful


it over-wintered, first I've had that as well, surviving the into the 3rd year and shooting up multiple flowering stems, I've always had just the central flowering stem


this foxglove bloomed spectacularly this year (see top of page) and now it has growth from the base of the stems, the drought and heatwave seems to  have changed this plant, I look forward to seeing what happens with it next spring

foxglove shoots

foxglove basal growth

whereas other foxgloves don't have that new growth, as you would expect at the end of their season, they have finished and no new growth

foxglove end of season

this foxglove grew as usual (seen back 11-6-2023) and completed its usual season and is finished, shown above

foxgloves with bee