"work in progress"

Watching Goldie on the Chelsea Flower Show program, I loved his phrase "work in progress" referring to our gardens. How true. We're always working on things in the garden which is never complete, it's always a work in progress.

This is my first allium schubertii this year. I guess it gets more sun in this position than the others on the other side of the garden.

allium schuberti

Another first, my first foxglove in bloom this year.


This hersperis matronalis (aka sweet rocket as well as other names) took me by surprise this spring. I planted seeds in the past but forgot about them. Suddenly there's a whole patch of them in the garden next door. I also discovered a tufted vetch there. I planted those seeds ages ago and never saw anything of them. I must have planted something else in the pot and eventually the vetch grew.

hesperis matronalis

My neighbour's ceanothous (right in the pic below, covered with purple flowers) is great to see from my back door.

back garden